Why Should You Tint Your Windows?

Tinting your car, home, or business provides so much more than just a physical transformation. You should get tinted because it provides protection from harmful UV rays and saves you money by forcing your air conditioning to run less frequently due to the tint film keeping heat outside. Also, with tinting you get an extra layer of security as it is much more difficult to see inside of a vehicle or building and locate valuables, especially at night.

Below are the levels of tint that we offer.

How Much Tint Should You Get?

The film percentage you choose depends on what you want the film to do. Every shade of tint from 5% to 90%, blocks 100% of UV rays.

If health and interior protection are your concern, but you don't want darker windows, you should get a translucent film with little to no darkness. This will keep you and your interior protected from the harmful Florida sun! This makes 70% and 90% tints the very popular options for this case!

If you want to keep your belongings protected and reduce the risk of a break-in, or you want privacy, you should choose a darker film. 5% (limo), 15%, and even 20% would be great options for you. Most factory tinted glass on SUVs and Trucks are between 15% and 20%.

Keep in mind the darker you go the more difficult it will be to see at night. If you want to help alleviate light-induced migraines and enjoy a more comfortable driving experience, go with a percentage that keeps out a lot of light, but doesn't darken your windows entirely. This makes 30%, 40%, and 50% great options.

Do not forget to always keep in mind your local tint laws. Florida law only allows 30% or higher to be installed on the front driver and passenger windows, and 15% or higher on all the rear windows. We are not liable for any tickets you may get if you choose to go darker! You can view the local tint laws here.